Chiropractic Adjustments

  • 15 minutes • Price varies
  • We practice manual diversified technique with the drop table mainly. We do practice some adjusting with the Activator as well. We treat patients of all ages!

DOT Physicals

  • 30 minutes • $80
  • Schedule an appointment with Dr. Fulp for your full DOT physical!

Interferential Stimulation

  • 15 minutes • Price varies
  • This runs a safe and painless electrical current through your muscles to improve muscle imbalances and decrease muscle spasms

Therapeutic Ultrasound

  • 15 minutes • Price varies
  • Ultrasound pushes sound waves into the body which cause a deep therapeutic heating effect and stimulate blood flow to help expedite healing.

Cold Laser

15 minutes • Price varies
Cold laser helps to stimulate blood flow, which promotes healing and quickens recovery time .

Linear Traction

  • 30 minutes • Price varies
  • This therapy helps with disc disorders by stretching the joints out with a controlled pressure helping to promote disc resorption.